The Myth of the Self-Made Billionaire

Some videos share messages that bear repeating. This is one. If you enjoy it, please like the video and consider subscribing to the channel. Esoteknix claims no affiliation with this author or their content; we just thought it was important and wanted to share.

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Respected Elsewhere: The Prophet’s Paradox in Professional Life

A prophet is not revered in his own country, according to the Bible. After years of working in the IT department of the City of Chattanooga, I had moments like that. I “grew up” professionally there, so it felt like my home country—the place where I was raised. I’m sure we’ve all seen how our […]

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The King of the Wood

Explore the mysterious and tragic priesthood of Diana at Nemi, where a deadly fight for succession was waged between a runaway slave and the priest. Discover the strange rituals and beliefs that surrounded the sacred grove, from the Golden Bough to the love of Diana and Hippolytus. Uncover the secrets of this ancient and strange cult.

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True Will

Dive deeper into yourself and explore various spiritual paths to build knowledge and wisdom. Discover and align with your True Will to live in harmony with all things and actively contribute to the universe. Abound in philosophy, poetry, and paganism to live your fullest self and give back to the world.

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Blending Stoic thought with Hermetic and Chaos magical practices, Buddhism, agnosticism, and paganism, esoteknix is about… code. (Didn’t see that coming, did you?) Yup, this site is about the magic of coding. (And, well, magick.)

10 January 2017

Homes and Castles

Honor the spirit of home and land. Remind yourself to appreciate and respect what surrounds you; your walls, floor, mantle, trees, and animals. Take nothing for granted and build the most precious things of all - family homes and homesteads. Together, these foster bonds that build clans and tribes - the utmost successful societal forms of life.
21 November 2022

There’s no single source of truth

Adaptation is key to survival, even when it requires us to challenge our old worldviews. Coming from a religious background, I learned a few lessons along the way. Buddhism is an ancient compilation of wisdom, not divinely inspired, needing to be tested and accepted for what it is. Let’s draw from multiple sources for optimal...
24 September 2022

How to choose a framework

From choosing a CMS to coding a web application, discover when a static site or a web framework is preferable. Learn how to make intelligent choices and to find a balance between what's new and what's best for your client.
20 March 2022

The Value of Honest Discussions

"Let's stop avoiding conversations about the differences between us and take the time to understand why our friends, relatives, and coworkers think or believe a certain way. Together, we can reject the insanity of believing that those unlike us are the enemy."
11 May 2023

Kenn’s 21 Rules for Software Development

From understanding the importance of iteration and planning to embracing opportunities to teach, Kenn's 21 Rules for Software Development offers valuable insight for both tech professionals and life in general. Discover these must-know tips for software development success!
16 June 2023

Python Virtual Environments

In Python, a virtual environment is like a sandbox where you can install and handle Python packages without affecting other projects or the Python installation on your computer. If you work with Python, you probably already know about virtual environments. I've only recently started working with Python, and if you're new to Python as well, I hope...
10 December 2017

Facing Mortality

Growing up the way I did, there was an acceptance as fact of the myths associated with Christianity. My mom or grandmother, I forget which, had some picture or knick-knack that bore the phrase: “Only one life, ’twill soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last.” When I was 18, I believed that […]
18 September 2022

Specialization is for Insects

Adapt or go extinct: life in the tech field requires agility and a balance between specialization and the ability to take on any task. Resist the urge to over-specialize and instead enjoy a wide range of challenges.
23 February 2021

Is Buddhism a Religion?

Buddhism is non-theistic, but that doesn't mean it's godless. Through a look at Theravada teachings, Mahayana/Vajrayana deities, and indigenous gods, this post explores how Buddhism can live amicably with other religious faiths.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

-Arthur C. Clarke

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