The Myth of the Self-Made Billionaire

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The King of the Wood

Explore the mysterious and tragic priesthood of Diana at Nemi, where a deadly fight for succession was waged between a runaway slave and the priest. Discover the strange rituals and beliefs that surrounded the sacred grove, from the Golden Bough to the love of Diana and Hippolytus. Uncover the secrets of this ancient and strange cult.

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True Will

Dive deeper into yourself and explore various spiritual paths to build knowledge and wisdom. Discover and align with your True Will to live in harmony with all things and actively contribute to the universe. Abound in philosophy, poetry, and paganism to live your fullest self and give back to the world.

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Python Virtual Environments

In Python, a virtual environment is like a sandbox where you can install and handle Python packages without affecting other projects or the Python installation on your computer. If you work with Python, you probably already know about virtual environments. I’ve only recently started working with Python, and if you’re new to Python as well, I hope this will be helpful.

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Come on in… sit a spell.

The word ‘spell’ has two distinct meanings: as a verb it identifies the letters of a word, and as a noun it refers to a magical charm or incantation. Its roots trace back to Old English runic alphabets, used in spells to invoke knowledge and protection. Through coding, we can recreate this ancient magic, manipulating mere words to create something out of nothing.

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Kenn’s 21 Rules for Software Development

From understanding the importance of iteration and planning to embracing opportunities to teach, Kenn’s 21 Rules for Software Development offers valuable insight for both tech professionals and life in general. Discover these must-know tips for software development success!

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Everyone wants your mind

I’ve devoted a lifetime to the study of computing technology and ancient wisdom. I absolutely do not have all the answers. What I can tell you is how you can better prepare yourself to help me – to help humanity – find the answers.

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The Knowledge of Good and Evil

The serpent, the bringer of truth, spoke to the first woman and told her she had a choice: eat the fruit from the tree of good and evil (i.e. take the red pill) and “grow up,” or never leave her state of eternal childlike innocence. The latter may sound appealing in theory, but it runs counter to how most people are hardwired.

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