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Why do you sometimes spell "magic" with a "k" on the end?

Some moderns choose to use the “k” to distinguish “real” magick from the sort of “magic” done by stage illusionists.

If I refer to the pioneering 60’s television series Bewitched, for example, I’ll likely say that they performed “magic”; even though it was depicted as real within the context of the show, it is still fantasy.

If I am speaking of the practices, for example, of the English occultist John Dee, I will write “magick” to distinguish his practices from twitching one’s nose and turning one’s mother-in-law into a toad.

Why are there posts about [Buddhism, Hermeticism, paganism, etc.]?

These are all areas that I’ve studied extensively, and each has added value to my life in various ways. In varying degrees, each has contributed to the body of awareness that I hope to convey via this site.

I have found that there are common threads to many spiritual things. Some forms of Western Ceremonial Magick has the same goal as Buddhism, for example. The Hermetic worldview and Buddhism are similar in many ways.

When studying a topic like spirituality, where we can’t generally run experiments and create objective comparisons, there is value in looking at the ways that many different paths agree and prioritizing the examination of those things.

Yup, this is a pretty slim FAQ.

Check out the knowledge base for more!

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