The Myth of the Self-Made Billionaire

Some videos share messages that bear repeating. This is one. If you enjoy it, please like the video and consider subscribing to the channel. Esoteknix claims no affiliation with this author or their content; we just thought it was important and wanted to share.

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Respected Elsewhere: The Prophet’s Paradox in Professional Life

A prophet is not revered in his own country, according to the Bible. After years of working in the IT department of the City of Chattanooga, I had moments like that. I “grew up” professionally there, so it felt like my home country—the place where I was raised. I’m sure we’ve all seen how our […]

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The King of the Wood

Explore the mysterious and tragic priesthood of Diana at Nemi, where a deadly fight for succession was waged between a runaway slave and the priest. Discover the strange rituals and beliefs that surrounded the sacred grove, from the Golden Bough to the love of Diana and Hippolytus. Uncover the secrets of this ancient and strange cult.

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True Will

Dive deeper into yourself and explore various spiritual paths to build knowledge and wisdom. Discover and align with your True Will to live in harmony with all things and actively contribute to the universe. Abound in philosophy, poetry, and paganism to live your fullest self and give back to the world.

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Blending Stoic thought with Hermetic and Chaos magical practices, Buddhism, agnosticism, and paganism, esoteknix is about… code. (Didn’t see that coming, did you?) Yup, this site is about the magic of coding. (And, well, magick.)

10 December 2017

Facing Mortality

Growing up the way I did, there was an acceptance as fact of the myths associated with Christianity. My mom or grandmother, I forget which, had some picture or knick-knack that bore the phrase: “Only one life, ’twill soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last.” When I was 18, I believed that […]
9 September 2016

On the Self and Human Origins

Trace your roots back to the primordial soup or a son of Woden? From recent science and ancient heathen writings, discover the many elements - from the fetch to the wode - that make up a human and understand how they weave in and out of the body-soul complex. Honor your ancestors and discover who you truly...
9 October 2016

Frith, Honor, and Luck (Part I: Frith)

Discover the unmatched bond of frith in our ancestors' society - a connecting force that transcended borders, strengthened communities, and celebrated joy as a shared experience. Nothing was taken lightly, as an oath of frith was of the highest significance, ensuring "reciprocal inviolability" for all.
23 January 2021

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism teaches us to break free of our delusions and ease our suffering. The path to liberation is laid out in the Four Noble Truths, with the Eightfold Path outlining the wisdom, virtue, and meditation required to achieve a peaceful state. Try it out - no faith required - and experience the life-enhancing practice for...
2 July 2023

MidJourney 5.2 – Under a Blue Star

Recently I was playing with MidJourney and I did some planetary scenes under the light of a blue (O-type) star. I liked the results so much that I made them my current desktop wallpapers. There’s a lot of nuance involved in getting MidJourney to give you exactly what you had in mind, but personally I […]
25 July 2016

Wyrd, the Flow of the Universe

Editor’s note: this post was revised and updated on 18 April 2023. “I do not try to understand the great pattern the Norns are weaving, for that is beyond the ken of any man. But I do believe it can be possible, at times, for a man to discern the path the Norns would have […]
31 December 2016

Order from Chaos

Discover our primal need for an "innangarðr," or an orderly environment with people that we can truly trust. Heathenry and paganism offer a meaningful cultural context to build such relationships despite living in a chaotic world.
9 May 2020

Balancing Ends (Front/Back-end Development)

Balance is key to creating fast, secure, and usable web applications. Using tools like Angular.js, React.js, and Vue.js, you can harmoniously blend server- and client-side technologies for an elegant and sustainable solution. Don’t get stuck on one side or the other: balance your approach to development!
18 July 2022

Using Composer and Namespaces in PHP

Pretty much everyone who develops with PHP uses Composer, and if you’ve every used a PHP framework, you’ve seen the namespaces at the tops of files. I knew how to use these things but I didn’t really understand them until I embarked on a few just-for-learning side projects that I started from scratch.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

-Arthur C. Clarke

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