This site is about magic(k), technology, and how they relate.

We’ve all see movie and television depictions of magic; from the twitching of a nose to the reciting of a special phrase, comes dramatic and often immediate real-world change. We all know (well, most of us) that such depictions are pure fantasy.

Once upon a time, however, magic(k) was a serious consideration, although it was never thought of as being like we depict it on TV. Before Christians came along, the pagans had magical practices; they didn’t write things down a lot, though. In the Middle Ages, magic was huge, but fear of the Church meant that the people who wrote about it either spoke in code or kept their writings hidden.

As someone who has studied paganism, Western Ceremonial Magick, and who has been writing code since 1984, I’ve noticed a few similarities. With code, we use words – specific words – that need to be written down just right in order to work. (Getting them wrong can cause some nasty accidents!) While we have the Internet today, our knowledge used to be stored in thick books that no one but people like us understood. And people who aren’t like us don’t know what we do… to them, it seems like, well… magic.


The word “automagical” and its variants have made it into the dictionaries, it would seem. This modern word is used to describe “a usually complicated technical or computer process [which is] done … or happening in a way that is hidden from or not understood by the user, and in that sense, apparently ‘magical'”.

It seems we humans have naturally recognized the similarities between technology and magic. What not everyone realizes is that much of “real” magick is about personal transformation (and there’s nothing “auto” about it!)

"With great power"

“Comes great responsibility,” so it has been said. Our technology has given us powers undreamed of by people of just a few generations past.

But unlike the magicians of old, we are not forced to become a wholly different person on the inside in order to wield these massive powers. Technology is just something we use, and while we have powers that rival the gods of mythology, we ourselves are still the same humans we were a thousand, five thousand, or fifty thousand years ago.

Coming soon...

Right now, this site contains quite a few posts from a single author, Kenn. (That’s me.) Some of the older posts are about paganism, and there are quite a few Buddhism posts. Of course there are technical posts as well.

The intention of this site is to continue to cover such topics while gradually shaping the content so that it coalesces around the overall theme of this site: how technology and magic are similar, how magic has always been more about science than the supernatural, and how our technology can become more magical.

Join us as we explore how to reengage with the personally-transformative aspects of the parts of “magic” that we left behind.

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